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Located in the south-eastern wing of the historically-steeped State Buildings, and resting above the official marking of Perth’s Point Zero, the Cape Arid Rooms are the warm and inviting home of COMO The Treasury’s celebrated afternoon tea.

The space features three interconnected rooms architecturally graced with high ceilings, timber-shuttered windows, and walls adorned with intricate watercolour and ink paintings by Alex and Philippa Nikulinsky’s Cape Arid Collection, from which the rooms proudly take their name.

The Nikulinskys are renowned Western Australian artists. The Cape Arid Collection, which we have exhibited since the hotel’s inception, is a series of paintings inspired by the couple’s adventures to Cape Arid National Park.

Our Afternoon Tea, like the Nikulinsky’s’ artwork, is inspired by Western Australia’s natural abundance. Each edition of the menu spotlights the finest local producers and ingredients.

Whether you pair your food with Champagne or beautifully brewed tea, dining in our Cape Arid Rooms is a delightful afternoon indulgence like no other.

Welcome to the Cape Arid Rooms, where we invite you to discover the Mt. Arid Edition.

Cape Arid Poison Creek Edition Menu

Poison Creek Edition

As Poison Creek meanders parallel to the coastline, it echoes the shores like a striking serpent, winding to the river mouth before meeting the crashing waves.

As Poison Creek meanders parallel to the coastline, it echoes the shores like a striking serpent, winding to the river mouth before meeting the crashing waves – a far stretched reach around the coastline between Cape Arid and Cape Pasley. Vast and symphonic skies shadow densely squat coastal shrubbery amidst the polar white contrast of southern sands, flung backwards and forwards by an impolite wind, with no apology for where it lands. Step quietly around a Fleshy Groundsell, bursting forth with bright, spikey blasts of yellow; wildflowers blossom here all year round. Mother Nature’s trickery leads us to believe that we really are the last ones on earth. Don’t be fooled by her – it is simply the bewitching of Poison Creek.

“I have done this wandering alone all my working life and occasionally – yes, I do actually talk to the place, plant, outlook, tree or whatever, saying things like, ‘aren’t you beautiful’ or, ‘How on earth am I going to paint you?’…”

Cape Arid, Philippa & Alex Nikulinsky

Cape Arid Poison Creek Edition Menu

The Art of Tea

From the rare and precious to the light and aromatic, each tea blend is brewed with the utmost care and at the perfect temperature and brewing time to extract a well-balanced flavour.

All of the tea blends featured on the Cape Arid Rooms afternoon tea menu have been carefully curated in collaboration with Teassential – an exceptional Western Australian tea company located within the State Buildings who aim to create exquisite tea and herb infusions.

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Horizon Gin

After 18 months of research and consultation with the Esperance Distillery Co, we are delighted to unveil an evolution of the Cape Arid Rooms concept with our specially curated Horizon Gin.

It began with father and son; an avid gardener, a wild windsurfer, a deep passion for local greenery, and the creation of Australia’s smallest gin distillery. Bottling the spirit of a remote coastal region became an impassioned endeavour that led to the beginnings of the
Esperance Distillery Co, and there a deeply personal partnership with the team at the Cape Arid Rooms began.

Following an expedition to Cape Arid; guided with consultation by Esperance Tjaltjraak Native Title Aboriginal Corporation, and botanists, a variety of botanicals endemic to Esperance were identified for the delicate aromatic properties required. Then carefully collected for creation, further workings with nurseries have been established to encourage propagation and conservation of species, for the future preservation of continued regeneration.

Inspired by Philippa Nikulinsky’s exquisite artistic expressions of the area, and the unique formulation of an exciting and vibrant recipe; this is a take-home experience bottled from the fires of curiosity, driven by the desires for excellence.

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Private Events

An elegant space for cocktail functions, intimate dinners and afternoon tea.

Situated at Perth Point Zero, the Cape Arid Rooms span over three elegantly appointed spaces with views of Cathedral Square and Stirling Gardens.


Dining – 20

Afternoon Tea – 50

Stand Up Cocktail – 70

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Discover the Cape Arid Signature Experience

COMO The Treasury

Enjoy the flavours of Western Australia with our Cape Arid Rooms Signature Afternoon Tea, whilst admiring Philippa and Alex Nikulinsky’s Cape Arid collection depicting Australia’s Cape Arid National Park’s flora and fauna in pen, chinese ink and watercolour.

Spend the night in an elegant Heritage Room and wake up for breakfast at Post restaurant. This experience includes a copy of Cape Arid, the Nikulinskys’ book recording their incredible art-making journey through high quality prints.

What’s Included:

  • Overnight accommodation in our spacious rooms and suites
  • Seasonal afternoon tea with a glass of sparkling wine in our Cape Arid Rooms
  • Cape Arid book by Philippa and Alex Nikulinsky
  • Breakfast at Post
    Access to our wellness facilities including a heated indoor pool, steam room and gym
  • Welcome drinks
  • Selection of in-room refreshments
  • Valet parking for one vehicle
    This experience is priced from AU$1,055 per night in a Heritage Room for two guests.
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Located at COMO The Treasury

Opening hours
Afternoon Tea is available Wednesday to Sunday from 12.00pm to 5.00pm.

Please note: 24 hours advance reservation is required.

+61 8 6168 7888

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