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Our Story

Located in the south-eastern wing of the historically-steeped State Buildings, and resting above the official marking of Perth’s Point Zero, the Cape Arid Rooms are the warm and inviting home of COMO The Treasury’s celebrated afternoon tea.

The space features three interconnected rooms architecturally graced with high ceilings, timber-shuttered windows, and walls adorned with intricate watercolour and ink paintings by Alex and Philippa Nikulinsky’s Cape Arid Collection, from which the rooms proudly take their name.

The Nikulinskys are renowned Western Australian artists. The Cape Arid Collection, which we have exhibited since the hotel’s inception, is a series of paintings inspired by the couple’s adventures to Cape Arid National Park.

Our Afternoon Tea, like the Nikulinsky’s’ artwork, is inspired by Western Australia’s natural abundance. Each edition of the menu spotlights the finest local producers and ingredients.

Whether you pair your food with Champagne or beautifully brewed tea, dining in our Cape Arid Rooms is a delightful afternoon indulgence like no other.

Welcome to the Cape Arid Rooms, where we invite you to discover the Tagon Bay Edition.

Tagon Bay Edition

Where the dunes begin and the rolling clouds end; a visual trickery abounds as you pound the stretch to Tagon Bay.

Wizened granite rocks rise from the voraciously exposed ocean, while the harsh reality of a wave-worn coastline juxtaposes the brilliance of Mother Nature’s softest sands; crunchy under foot and providing a glary view to the passing Southern Right or Humpback whale.

A basking rock lizard avoids persistent sea birds and a trail-walker traipses by. Here we land right on earth’s cusp as we visit Tagon Bay.

“I wander alone, sometimes whistling, mostly strolling, but often stopping and just standing – turning this way and that taking everything in…”

“As Robert Hughes once wrote, – solitude is beyond question one of the world’s greatest gifts and an indispensable aid to creativity.”

Cape Arid, Philippa & Alex Nikulinsky

Cape Arid Rooms Tagon Bay Edition Menu

The Art of Tea

From the rare and precious to the light and aromatic, each tea blend is brewed with the utmost care and at the perfect temperature and brewing time to extract a well-balanced flavour.

All of the tea blends featured on the Cape Arid Rooms afternoon tea menu have been carefully curated in collaboration with Teassential – an exceptional Western Australian tea company located within the State Buildings who aim to create exquisite tea and herb infusions.

Private Events

An elegant space for cocktail functions and afternoon tea.

Situated at Perth Point Zero, the Cape Arid Rooms span over three elegantly appointed spaces with views of Cathedral Square and Stirling Gardens.


Group Dining – 12

Afternoon Tea – 50

Stand Up Cocktail – 70

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Located at COMO The Treasury

Opening hours
Afternoon Tea is available Wednesday to Sunday from 12.00pm to 5.00pm.

Please note: 24 hours advance reservation is required.

+61 8 6168 7780

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